About AFAF

OUR MISSON & PURPOSE: Our purpose is to support the men and women of our Armed Forces serving throughout the world to keep America free, and to provide goods and services to their immediate families remaining at home.

WHO WE ARE: AFAF is an all volunteer organization. Our Board of Directors and other volunteers receive no compensation of any kind. Our goal is to minimize operating costs and to donate all funds received. We welcome all persons to join the AFAF Team.



Often American Friends of our Armed Forces receives congratulatory letters and inquiries from individuals and groups interested in AFAF's activities. We are pleased to publish key excerpts from many of these letters. We would like to hear from you and look forward to hearing your thoughts on how we are doing.
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Our Campaign Goals

WHAT WE PROVIDE: Examples or goods and services provided are commercially prepared foods such as beef jerky, nuts, trail mix, cookies, energy bars, tuna and chicken salads and commercially sealed lip balm, individual packets of moist towelettes, stationary and prepaid phone cards. We also provide toys which may be used by military personnel to extend a hand of friendship to children in the countries where they are stationed.

AWARENESS: Raising awareness of the personal needs of American Armed Forces protecting our freedom overseas and their families remaining at home.

CHARITY: AFAF has donated over $2,500,000 to programs that provide valuable assistance to military families. Your generous support will enable us to continue our efforts in the years ahead. All donations are considered tax deductible.

COOPERATION: Work with military bases in the southwestern United States to identify the most pressing personal needs of our Armed Forces personnel overseas and their families at home.

FUNDRAISING:  AFAF holds special events to create awareness of the needs of our military families.The major events are the annual Salute to our Troops and Golf Classic, Adopt a Marine for Thanksgiving and Military Appreciation Golf Tournament. Contact us for details on how you can participate.